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- Forum :
1. Science Communication
2. Science and Society
3. Interdisciplinary Research
4. Integration of SSH in RTD
5. Marketing and funding for research
6. Industry - Accademy relay

- Category : (under the each forum)
1.1 News in Science and Technology
1.2 Methodology and theoretical development
1.3 Practice of Science Communication

2.1 The discours of Science and Society
2.2 Accountability and responsability of research community
2.3 Technology assessment and research evaluation
2.4 Approches of Science & Society, STS, MOT

3.1 Typical cases of Interdisciplinary research
3.2 Typical COE of Interdisciplinary research

4.1 Proper field and fusion field of SSH
4.2 Research design of SSH in RTD

5.1 Research evalution and needs articulation for research
5.2 Evidence based assessment of University research

6.1 Outreach of researh in the society
6.2 Small Medium Enterprise and Technology Licencing
6.3 Laboratory Management
6.4 Management of Technology and Economy


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